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Past Sermons

Jesus is Teaching Us: "it's not Enough to Hate what I Hate, You Must LOVE what I Love"
Remove the evil from amongst you so that you may better reflect the glory of your King
Because God's takes His glory seriously, He must take out sin seriously. He does both, personally, at the Cross.
Use your Liberties for the Gospel; Trust God's Soveriegnty for the 'sequel"
"Freshly receiving and clearly speaking God's very words, about things now and things to come"
Imitate the Great Shepherd in His SPEAKING
Good Shepherds Imitate The Great Shepherd
Don't be 'trouble-makers'; YET the Gospel will upset cultural idols!
Jesus is the Light of the world who restores Spiritual Sight to those in Darkness
Jesus is a better King than you could ever wish for!
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