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Past Sermons

Never lose Hope in the God of Grace to SAVE you and SANCTIFY you!
Be Slow to Anger, Since Human Anger does not Accomplish God's Righteousness
God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble!
In your fears, run eagerly to God in prayer!
God Refines with 'Poetic Justice' as our Idols Cause a Ruckus!
Man Repeats His Foolishness (Partly) God Repeats His Faithfulness (Fully)
God is creating a Place, and a People, for the enjoyment of, and the perfection in, His glorious presence
Faithful Servants Stay Focused on their Master's Will
God tests our Faith to MATURE us into Christlikeness
Our role as a 'Kingdom of Priests' is to Pray for People and Speak to People of God's Gracious Escape from Just Judgement