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Past Sermons

Opposition to Jesus comes! Only on our Knees will we Stand for His Name
Physical Healing points to our DEEPER Need: Spiritual Healing in Jesus, who will return to Restore all things
How you respond to the risen Christ will determine how God responds to you – ETERNALLY
Are you a True Witness, with a True Fear bound with a True Allegiance?
God's Gospel powerfully goes out from us, because His empowering Spirit dwells in us!
Take Courage: God knows what He's doing! He Planned this!


Baptism pictures the DEATH of the 'old me' and the BIRTH of the "new me' - who will live for Christ now, and with Christ forever!
King Jesus' is now Enthroned! His Ascension emboldens our witness
Jesus came to bring Abundant Joy. If can only be found in Him.
God is good and fair to us in ALL circumstances