Enjoying His GRACE
Knowing His BIBLE
Building His CHURCH

What to Expect

We really enjoy having visitors, so please come and see for yourself what our church is like.  Everyone is welcome regardless of whether you have never set foot in a church before or have been a Christian most of your life.
We know that visiting a church for the first time can be hard, so here is a bit of an overview of what you can expect.


Sunday Gatherings

Sunday is the day of the week that our whole church gathers to encourage one another and worship together, celebrating our Saviour who died for our sins and rose victoriously from the grave to bring us peace with God and eternal life.

Our services generally last for one hour and a half.  You are welcome to participate in this time, however if you are simply inquiring or investigating Christianity, don’t feel obligated to sing in public if you do not feel comfortable.  You also will not be expected to pray or read out aloud.

We try to explain everything we do, including:

  • Singing to God and one another. Singing is one of the ways that we express our gratitude to God.
  • Speaking to God in prayer. The God of the Bible listens to the prayers of His people.
  • Listening to the Bible read. Someone will read from the Bible, including the passage we’ll be studying that week.
  • Hearing a talk from the Bible.  There will be a talk explaining the Bible which usually goes for about 35 minutes.
  • Special Items.  We have a variety of items we rotate in once each month:
    • Communionthe Lord’s Supper (a brief segment when we symbolically remember Jesus’ death for us. Christians are welcome to participate in this part of the service)
    • Kids Talk (about 4 or 5 minutes, the kids gather up front for a lesson aimed at their age-level)
    • Outreach Updates (from local chaplains to overseas missionaries, we are updated on the latest news [sometimes from a video recording] and then pray for them)
    • In-house Updates  (brief stories from members about what God is teaching us, sometimes shared from a video recording, sometimes live)
  • Encouraging one another over morning tea.  After the formal part of our gathering, we invite you to hang around so that we can get to know you better. The last Sunday of the month we have a light lunch together in the hall, to encourage extended fellowship and sharing in life together.


What about Kids?

Kids are an important part of our church family.

On the last Sunday of each month, kids remain in church and we have a special Kids Talk, as mentioned above (which often ends with a Kids Song we all sing). We provide activity sheets to keep the children engaged, while they listen along with their parents, to the Bible talk.

All other Sundays, just before the adult Bible Talk (sermon) begins, the service leader will invite children ages 3 & up to attend Grace Kids (Sunday School).  This is optional, giving the kids a chance to learn at their age level with stories/activities, and giving parents an opportunity to concentrate during the Bible talk.  Grace Kids ends 15 minutes into morning tea so that parents have a chance to catch up with others before collecting their children.

All of the Grace Kids teachers and helpers have government-issued blue cards.  For your child’s safety, we do require that parents sign children in and out.

A crèche operates in the back corner of the hall for children ages 0-2.

There are toys and activities for the children. There is no teaching component in crèche.


What do I Wear?

We don’t have a set dress code and we generally try not to make a big deal of what people wear.  So just come dressed comfortably and modestly.  Our main hall does not have air conditioning, but it has an extremely large ceiling fan to keep us cool during summer.


What about the rest of the week?

Fellowship continues with during the week with Grace Groups, meeting in homes to care for one another and study God’s word (one Grace Group is especially for women). Smaller discipleship groups also meet regularly. And we enjoy social activities and outreach activities together from time to time, many catching up in smaller groups or one-to-one as we share life.