Enjoying His GRACE
Knowing His BIBLE
Building His CHURCH


Past Sermons

God will Continue to Reveal His Sovereign Grace and Spectacular Wisdom through the Gospel and the Church
Christ Removed the Walls that Once Divided by Becoming our Peace
God Transforms the Walking Dead into Walking Displays of his Grace and Goodness
God Delights to Bless his People in Christ. Let's Praise Him!
The Resurrection of Christ Brings Eternal Hope into Our Present Lives
The Cross Proves you're Either With Jesus or Against Jesus for Eternity.
In Sickness and in Health… Grow Up
Judgement is Coming: Don't Live for Bling! Wait for the King.
Pursue holiness and godliness - for the Lord is coming!
Pre-Eminence of Prophecy, Pre-Eminence of Christ's Person, Pre-Eminence of Purification
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