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Bible Text: Acts 5:12-42 | Preacher: Dave D'Amour | Series: The Book of Acts What do you fear most in telling others about God's saving grace in Jesus?  What’s holding you back from sharing Jesus’ good news at work?  School?  Neighbourhood? In Acts 5, and in places of persecution today, learn how fixating on the magnificent Name of Jesus overcomes fear of people, to the point of "rejoicing when counted worthy to be treated shamefully for Jesus' Name" (Acts 5:41)! Jesus IS worth it! Risking Shame for Jesus’ Name brings Gospel Gain  
Bible Text: Acts 5:1-11 | Preacher: Dave D'Amour | Series: The Book of Acts Parents don't train children to lie, because we do so naturally.  And adults have to swear an oath to tell the truth in court. But the underlying issue with Ananias & Sapphira is Lying to Look God...trying to "buy" a spiritual reputation through hypocrisy & lying. When the beautiful "foretaste of Heaven" (chap 4:32-37) is now threatened by the "smell of Hell", God takes action to purify His church & protect the Good News of Jesus. Two-faced Giving and Living shames God’s Name & Invites His Discipline. **NOTE:  due to tech difficulties, the audio from the final 8 minutes is through the front of house speakers only.
Bible Text: Acts 4:32-37 | Preacher: Dave D'Amour | Series: The Book of Acts One reason the early church had fast growth with huge impact on society is this:   they practically cared one another in Generous Community. Act 4:32-47 gives us a beautiful "Foretaste of Heaven", where amongst His people, God's will is done on earth as it is in Heaven:  with ALL needs - temporal & eternal – being met in His Church! They could do this because of their confidence in the Resurrection, that this world is not our ultimate home...so they laid up treasures in heaven by sharing their earthly goods with one another to meet real needs.  And so should we! God’s Resurrection Grace Unites Us in Generous Community!
Bible Text: Acts 4:1-31 | Preacher: Dave D'Amour | Series: The Book of Acts Jesus is Unique – in both Identity and Accomplishment. Even though our so-called "Inclusive" age is angered by the exclusive claims of Jesus...there is No Other Name by which we can be saved! (Besides, inclusivists make their own exclusions!)
Bible Text: Acts 3:1-26 | Preacher: Dave D'Amour | Series: The Book of Acts Road Signs all basically having a common message (Be safe, get there safely). So, too, the Miraculous Signs in the Book of Acts have the same common message:  Jesus is the One Way to be Safe with God and enter the Kingdom. Here a Different Sign (healing) leads to the Same Message:  It's Still All about Jesus!  So turn to Him. Physical healing points to our DEEPER need:  Spiritual Healing - eternal Restoration with God. So turning to Jesus (repentance) is a positive thing!...because by turning to Jesus, our sins are washed away, our conscience is cleared, and refreshment comes!   Repentance is GAIN!
Bible Text: Acts 2:22-41 | Preacher: Dave D'Amour | Series: The Book of Acts Missing some signs has bad consequences...like missing street signs and being late to a meeting – and worse, getting into a serious crash. Missing other signs has eternal consequences...like missing all the signs that point to Jesus as the Messiah, the Christ! Because we missed the signs... We Killed Him!    ...but... God Raised Him! God Exalted Him! So Turn to Him!
Bible Text: Luke 12:1-2 | Preacher: Kyosti | Series: One Off What do you fear most? Whom do you fear most? For True Allegiance to Jesus, we must Fear God above man.  Only then will be be True Witnesses.
Bible Text: Acts 2:1-21 | Preacher: Dave D'Amour | Series: The Book of Acts What was the Festival of Pentecost about, and how does the coming of the Holy Spirit fulfil the feast? How does what happened at Pentecost in Acts 2 relate to the Tower of Babel? And what does being filled with the Spirit have to do with bearing witness to Jesus? All of these questions are addressed as we consider Acts 2!
Bible Text: Acts 1:12-26 | Preacher: Dave D'Amour | Series: The Book of Acts, The Unstoppable Good News of God's Kingdom Whether it's a serious "leadership crisis" in the church (as in Acts 1:12-26), or any big "speed bumps" to your faith, confidence that's It's All According to Plan – God's Plan – keeps our Gospel engine going strong!  
Bible Text: Romans 6:1-11 | Preacher: Dave D'Amour | Series: One Off Some symbols and symbolic actions can be confusing. What does water baptism signify?   For those who have personally turned from sin & trusted in Jesus, here's the answer: Baptism pictures the death of the ‘old me’ and the birth of the ‘new me’ – who will live for Christ now & with Christ forever!  
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