Enjoying His GRACE
Knowing His BIBLE
Building His CHURCH


Past Sermons

Grow Up By Doing

A mature Christian doesn't just KNOW the Word they LIVE the Word
In times of distress the godly pray for God's salvation
Loving God and Neighbour: is NOT the way TO eternal life but it is the way OF eternal life.
The fullness of joy is found in the Gospel of Jesus Christ
If you cannot trace His hand, you can trust His heart! (because God's salvation plan is bigger than you and men, and grander than you and me!)


You Must forgive much, because you've been Forgiven much MORE
Christians still Suffer Now, but we have Hope and Help!
Jesus is Lord over the work that you do and over those who tell you to do it.
Sing Like Jesus
Trust God: The Good News of Jesus REALLY is Unstoppable!
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